The Funnel Fusion Process

Shift your paradigm & update your strategy for real church growth

What is your

Functional Great Commission?

Many churches in North America have organized around a FUNCTIONAL Great Commission that says, “Go into all the world and make worship attenders, baptizing them in the name of small groups, and teaching them to volunteer a few hours per month.”

That is not the mission Jesus died for.

What if you could retain and enhance the best parts of your current model (worship services, small groups, serving opportunities) while fusing it with a fresh, new approach for discipling and releasing individual followers of Jesus to live on mission every day?

You can. It’s called Funnel Fusion.

Don’t settle for assimilating.

Many churches in North America operate based on an Assimilation Funnel (usually including 3 or 4 stages). In each of these stages, a smaller percentage of people participate, moving from Worship to Connect to Serve (moving left to right). This funnel (shown in gold in the graphic) is generally effective in guiding people through a process of becoming more integrated into the programs of the church.

The problem with the Assimilation Funnel alone is that involvement does not always equal discipleship.

If you want to multiply disciples of Jesus …

Integrate the Multiplication Funnel.

With Funnel Fusion, a second funnel is integrated into the life of the church to function alongside the Assimilation Funnel—the Multiplication Funnel. In this funnel (shown in blue in the image above), the number of people grows over time as people move through the stages. The goal of this funnel is to empower people to live out their unique design where they live, work, and play (many times, outside of the programs of the church).

Most likely, you can already see the core differences between the funnels. The Assimilation Funnel brings people in to deeper community and connection in the programs of the church. The Multiplication Funnel equips people and sends them out to live on mission for Jesus within their personal spheres of influence.

The fusion of the Assimilation Funnel and the Multiplication Funnel is the engine for long-term, real church growth.

2 Future Church Stories

Elizabeth Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA and The Bayou Church in Lafayette, LA were two of the churches who were among the first to learn about Funnel Fusion in the Future Church Cohort in the summer of 2020. See how the Future Church paradigm is shifting their approach to being the church.

Articulate your vision with clarity.

As a part of the Funnel Fusion Process, we will guide your team through a collaborative process to articulate your church’s unique DNA. Using the widely-used tools from Church Unique and God Dreams, you’ll design language to express the unique way God has designed your church to fulfill the Great Commission—based on your specific context, your collective potential, and your shared passions.

Your completed frame provides a single-page articulation of your mission, values, strategy, measures, and vision proper. This memorable, repeatable language is critical for organizational alignment and missional movement.

Finally, you’ll develop a plan that delivers stunning clarity throughout your organization regarding your FOUR 90-day initiatives, SINGLE 1-year milestone, FOUR 3-year big ideas, and SINGLE 5+ year goal. This alignment allows each team member to pull in the same direction and understand how they fit into the big picture.

This Process is designed to give you and your team the tools you need to forge your own Funnel Fusion in your church.

Every element in the Funnel Fusion Process is developed in collaboration as a team, producing buy-in and alignment. Our Trainers don’t provide answers, only guidance and perspective.
Tools bridge the gap between information and application. In the difficult work of engaging with the tools, the path to Funnel Fusion emerges. Your team will need to walk that path together over time.
Every Funnel Fusion Process is slightly different and is customized to your church’s specific needs. We tailor the process, through both onsite and virtual consulting sessions, to fit your context.

The Funnel Fusion Process

Each of the icons below represents a key section of the process, with team-based exercises woven throughout to create moments of breakthru and facilitate collaborative strategy development.

Funnel Fusion

Move the Finish Line

Crowd Cloud

Become a Hero Maker

Disciple’s Journey

Develop a Training Center

Kingdom Platform

Empower Each One

Vision Frame

Create the Future

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