Thought Leadership

The philosophy, tools, and approach used by Pivvot and Future Church Co. can be found in the books below.

Future Church, co-authored by Will Mancini and Cory Hartman, lays out seven laws for real church growth and culminates with the Funnel Fusion master tool, which provides a roadmap for churches to pivot from only adding attenders to multiplying disciples.

Releasing December 2020

Younique built on Will’s previous work and went far, far beyond it. It lays out the complete Younique gospel-centered life design process that enables every follower of Jesus to discover his or her divine design. This process has brought significant life change to thousands of believers.

Published 2020

Clarity Spiral describes four lifelong practices to find and align vocational vision. Clarity Spiral articulates in detail the first master tool in the Younique process and will launch you on a journey to maximize your work potential and find your dream job.

Published 2019

Published in 2016, God Dreams debuts the Horizon Storyline. This visionary planning tool empowers thousands of church leaders every day to inspire others and focus their teams around a specific, vivid picture of their church’s next big dream.

Published 2016

Innovating Discipleship provides a simple and powerful way to innovate your disciple-making strategy using the Better Discipleship Window. The book helps you “think outside of the box” as you answer the question, “How do I want my church to be different in the next two years?”

Published 2013

Released in 2008, Church Unique provides church leaders with a framework to articulate their unique DNA and leave behind photocopied vision. The Vision Frame master tool has been used by thousands of church leaders around the world.

Published 2008