Vision Design Process

capture your church’s uniqueness

Articulate your uniqueness.

What is the unique way God has designed your church to fulfill the Great Commission—based on your specific context, your collective potential, and your shared passions?

Our Master Trainers will guide your team through a Vision Design process using the widely-used tools from the Church Unique book.

The completed frame provides a single-page articulation of your mission, values, strategy, measures, and vision proper. This memorable, repeatable language is critical for organizational alignment and missional movement.

The Vision Design Process delivers a framework,
not cookie-cutter solutions.


Every element in the Vision Design Process is developed in collaboration as a team, producing buy-in and alignment.


Clarity is important in the language you use as a leader. It’s especially important as you determine and articulate goals for the future.


Every Vision Design Process is slightly different and is customized to your church’s specific needs. We tailor the process to fit your context.

Clarify your future goals.

With the frame as a foundation, your Vision Design Process continues with articulating your goals using the master tool described in the book, God Dreams. The power of this tool is that your vision becomes more and more clear as you move down each layer.

With the completed process, you will have stunning clarity throughout your organization regarding your FOUR 90-day initiatives, SINGLE 1-year milestone, FOUR 3-year big ideas, and a SINGLE 5+ year goal. This alignment allows each team member to pull in the same direction and understand how they fit into the big picture.

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